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Putnam Drafts 3 Goals To Be Measured In State TISA Formula For Public Comment

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Putnam Drafts 3 Goals To Be Measured In State TISA Formula For Public Comment

The Putnam County School Board approved a preliminary set of goals Thursday night, a requirement of the state’s new educational funding formula.

The TISA funding model requires school systems to identify three measurable goals in an Accountability Report. A portion of funding will be tied to the system’s success in achieving the goals. Data and Testing Supervisor Jason Stickler said the report also includes the tools the system will use to reach the goals.

“We really try in Putnam County to make sure that everything that we’re doing is connected together,” Stickler said. “That way we’re not siloing out programs and initiatives across the county.”

The system’s first goal is that 70 percent of students will score efficient on third grade reading by 2035. The system is current at 42.9 percent. Goal two is to get 52.5 percent of third graders proficient in math by 2026. The current number is 49.5 percent. Goal three focuses on getting the average ACT composite across the district to 21 by 2027. It currently stands at 21.

The report includes action steps and how the system will measure each goal.

“It is the Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement,” Schools Director Corby King said. “And everything that we’re doing with that funding goes back to our students. It goes back to student academic success.”

Parents will receive a survey to comment on the goals from King Friday. Public comment will be accepted over the next several weeks.

State law requires the 70 percent proficiency in reading statewide by 2035.

“What we have the autonomy to do with this report is over the next three years, we can just focus on 15 percent,” said. “So, for example, we’re right now sitting at 42.9 percent of our students proficient in third grade ELA. So that leaves a 27.1 percent gap to 70. We’re looking at increasing our proficiency rate yearly over the next three years by like, 1.35 percent. So that gives us an attainable yearly goal over the next three years, but then also keeps us on track for us to ultimately meet 70 percent.”

The final report is due to the state by November 1.


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