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Van Buren High School Media Club Changed To Eagle Network

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Van Buren High School Media Club Changed To Eagle Network

The Van Buren County High School Media Club has changed its name to the Eagle Network.

Faculty Advisor Tyler Brown said the Eagle Network represents the club better than “Media Club”. He said the club is involved with writing, editing, video editing, broadcasting and social media. The switch puts all the club’s activities under one umbrella.

“I’ve got a lot of kids, their dream is to some day become a You Tuber,” Brown said. “As far-fetched as that might sound to the older generation, it’s one of the ways people are making money these days and it’s somewhat of a legitimate career to peruse, just as much as country music singer or movie star.”

Brown said the rebrand allowed the students to simplify their You Tube and social media channels’ usernames to match and increase synergy. He said the idea was a mutual one.

“Our students are going to be writing stories to be published to the school’s website,” Brown said. “There are going to be different social media channels which all of these stories will be pushed to as well. And if you include our broadcast on YouTube Live and BLTV Channel 6. All of the is able to nicely fit under the Eagle Network umbrella.”

Brown said the Eagle Network has grown since last year. He said he has 20 students in class and several more not in the class that are still active in the club.

“Being able to give the kids the tools in order to succeed and learn a lot of things on the ground level here in high school,” Brown said. “If that’s their dream they want to pursue and that’s what they want to chase, then I think we are giving them the tools to do that.”

Brown said students are learning the basics of feature writing and video editing. He said he thinks in the next few weeks the club will be producing videos.


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