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Tech Employing New Software To Assist In Student Recruitment

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Tech Employing New Software To Assist In Student Recruitment

Tennessee Tech officials working with new technology to better communicate with applicants and those interested in attending the university.

The program is called Slate. It puts the application process, communication process, and event calendars and event sign up all in one place. Director of Admissions Frank Title said having everything in one program makes the process easier.

“With the old system we were having to use multiple platforms to kind of piecemeal things together,” Tittle said. “With this new Slate, we’re able to have everything located in one spot for us. That obviously helps all the people in our office and brings that process to more, again, more streamlined thing for the students.”

Tittle said the program also streamlines data on the application and admission process, such as what counties and parts of the state and showing the most interest in Tech. Tittle said that helps better pinpoint the recruitment strategy.

Tittle said being able to directly communicate with potential students in the same place they submit their application is convenient for both the university and the student. He said students being able to see upcoming events and sign up for them through the same program is going to help students keep up with what is going on.

“That’s been a big thing to be able to put everything together in to that one system so that we could obviously make the process as streamlined as possible for the students,” Tittle said.

Tittle said he is excited to utilize the new system as events are coming up.

“We do have several events coming up soon,” Tittle said. “Obviously, all you students out there are going to have an opportunity to take advantage of this new system to get registered for our Tech to You events that we are going to be bringing out to your community here in the next few weeks.”


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