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Byrdstown Aldermen Discuss Possible New Waterline Down Starpoint Road

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Byrdstown Aldermen Discuss Possible New Waterline Down Starpoint Road

Byrdstown Aldermen want to extend a new waterline down Starpoint Road, dependent on an additional Community Development Block Grant.

During a discussion at Monday night’s board meeting, Byrdstown Mayor Sam Gibson said a waterline into that area has been previously attempted because of obstructing bluff and rocks. Gibson said that this waterline would deal with a long-term issue and could help in the future.

“That would eliminate a lot of pressure off of that area,” Gibson said. “Because we have people there that’s wanted to even buy more land and develop more, and it’s hard when you say ‘no the only way you can do that is for you to come up and spend a half-a-million dollars upgrading our pumps there at the Starpoint station or you putting in new lines or whatever because we can’t afford to do that.’”

Gibson said that with modern available equipment establishing a more efficient waterline is entirely possible.

“If we had water down the Starpoint Road what would happen would be we’d eliminate that big line that we’ve got across the woods out there that goes to Starpoint Village,” Gibson said. “And Starpoint Village would be fed off of the new line then.

Gibson said that if granted the budget awarded by CDBG, the town may be able to simply go through what previously impeded them.

“With today’s equipment and everything I think now that we could probably cut down through what rocks that are there beside the road and try to get water there,” Gibson said. “Which if we do that will eliminate some of the other areas that’s getting a little strained.”

In other business, Aldermen got good news on the city’s budget as the second quarter begins. Revenue for the town has been more than previously budgeted, with the sales tax currently at five percent greater than budgeted. Other town incomes such as alcohol and water are also over-performing at two percent higher than previously expected.


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