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Byrdstown Begins Its Morning With Clark Mountain Water Pump Problems

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Byrdstown Begins Its Morning With Clark Mountain Water Pump Problems

Byrdstown has had to conduct emergency repairs on one of its water pumps serving citizens living at Clark Mountain.

The pump station has been fully repaired, however, it could still take time to get the water tanks completely filled up again. Byrdstown Mayor Sam Gibson said workers detected a problem at the Clark Mountain Pump Station around 3am Tuesday morning.

“In the electric box the wiring was burnt out and in turn it burnt our pump out,” Gibson said. “So our pump that provides water to that tank was burnt out so we had to quickly get on the ball and try to get someone there to work on it.”

Gibson said that this kind of situation does not happen often and that repairs such as these on machinery are typical. Gibson said the large water tank may take till late afternoon to fill back up, especially since people are now using water during the daytime.

“We had a few people probably in the higher elevation maybe lose water,” Gibson said. “We had quite a few I guess lose a little bit of pressure and had some low pressure. But as far as running out, we were able to get on it early enough, our people were able to detect it early enough and get on it early enough where we kept the tank from running dry.”

Gibson said though the water tank may still be filling up, the water pressure should already be improving for citizens.

“I think it’s fixed we haven’t received very many calls lately,” Gibson said. “We did early this morning, but we haven’t received very many calls. So now it should be stabilized and adequate enough pressure that everyone should be in fair shape.

Gibson said workers were able to get the burnt pump changed out with a replacement by around 8 a.m. Gibson said it took employees another hour to discover the root of the problem and have the pump back in operation. Gibson said that Byrdstown continuously monitors the water pumps while out in the field for any alerts to errors.


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