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Upper Cumberland Preps For El Nino; What It Is And How To Prepare

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Upper Cumberland Preps For El Nino; What It Is And How To Prepare

El Nino will be impacting the Upper Cumberland’s weather as we move into the next several months.

The El Nino is a climate pattern with abnormal water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean and the warming of water around the Central and South American coast. National Weather Service Meteorologist Ryan Husted said the phenomenon alters wind flow in the atmosphere. Husted said it can often change an Upper Cumberland winter.

“Normal snowfall for Nashville in a winter season is 4.7 inches,” Husted said. “Now the last El Nino that we saw was the winter from 2015 to 2016 and we observed 11.3 inches of snow, which is 6.6 inches above normal.”

Husted said citizens can generally expect less frequent severe weather events in the winter. The spring storm season often starts later during El Nino. Husted said climate experts believe this El Nino will be moderate in nature.

Husted said that he also recommends for Upper Cumberland farmers to adjust for dryer upcoming weather.

“Stay tuned to your local media ahead of winter weather,” Husted said. “They’ll have the latest forecasts, and make sure you have multiple sources of information.”

Husted said sources of information include local news, credible phone apps, emergency management, first responders, or the National Weather Service.

“We will be sending out information, those latest forecasts, to help you prepare and make good decisions ahead of winter weather,” Husted said. “Fairly routine for every winter season but, especially when we’re talking about the potential for more wintry weather, we need to consider making those winter preparations.”

Husted said the upcoming El Nino is moderate, which is an increase of strength, the last being in 2009-2010 which came with 7.1 inches of snow. Husted said though the snowfall here was lesser, the second most recent moderate El Nino in 2002-2003 produced 15.1 inches of snow, 10.4 above normal.


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