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Tour Historic White Plains Saturday During Algood’s Fall Festival

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Tour Historic White Plains Saturday During Algood’s Fall Festival

Tennessee history will be on display Saturday at the White Plains Open House.

Visitors will be able to tour the inside and outside of the historic home as part of Algood’s Fall Festival. Furniture from the 1840s to 1860s will be on display, both in the White Plains house and in the cabin located on the property. Secretary of the White Plains Friends Board Darlene Wiegand said the Fall Festival is the best time to show off this piece of history.

“Not every town and city has something that’s is so rich in history,” Wiegand said. “I think we are really blessed to have a home of this quality that the city of Algood is willing to own and help preserve, and we just feel really blessed to have it in our area.”

The White Plains home is an old plantation home built in 1840. It is on the National Historic Registry.

“The more people that see the home and have an interest in it,” Wiegand said. “Certainly, we’d like anyone interested in it that would like to volunteer their time later we’d be glad to talk with you. You can come help us on our work days. Come be a part of our mission to maintain the home. Just making it open to the public and making more people aware of it will help us to complete our mission.”

The Central Tennessee Railroaders will also have a display on the property. Some legends of the property being haunted will also be shared during the tours.

“Any time that they’re having an event to draw people to the city of Algood, and local people themselves, there’s people here who have never seen it,” Wiegand said. “So any time we have that opportunity, we as board members and volunteers are willing to open up the house and have it available for people to see.”

The Friends of White Plains Board was formed to help the city of Algood maintain upkeep and preserve the White Plains property.


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