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Cumberland Captain Said Team Has Fought Some 18 Fires Over The Last Day

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Cumberland Captain Said Team Has Fought Some 18 Fires Over The Last Day

A Cumberland County Fire Department Captain said his team has put out an estimated 18 fires in a 24-hour period.

Captain Braeden Adams said most of the fires were caused by people burning leaves and brush. Currently, the entire Upper Cumberland region is under a burn restriction, meaning no burn permits are currently being issued. Adams said his department has been stretched thin.

“It puts a very big strain on the department, because if we are on five different fires at one time and let’s say somebody’s house catches on fire or somebody gets in a wreck,” Adams said. “Those are resources being taken away from other emergencies.”

Adams said many of the leaves and brush fires got out of hand, causing property damage to both the fire starter and neighboring properties. Adams said he uses the calls to educate people on getting the proper permission to burn.

“They don’t know about the burn permits,” Adams said. “We go out and actually educate them and inform there. It is actually a really good educational time, because they can see why it is so important to get a burn permit and to check and see if they can burn and to understand the restrictions and regulation around a controlled burn.”

Burn permits will not be issued indefinitely while the Forestry Department awaits rain. Adams said he thinks a state-issued burn ban is possible.

“They take a lot of factories into consideration, the drought, the wind, the humidity and stuff like that,” Adams said. “They can take all those factors, and is it something that could happen in the near future if we did not get anymore rain, absolutely. But as of now its no burn permits being issued.”

Adams said there is no burning anything outdoors right now. He said he wants all citizens to be aware of the dangerous situation.

“Be sure you’re up to date and educated on the burning restrictions, and they understand that they can google ‘burn safe TN’ really quick and go on there to see if they are under a burn ban, if they can get a permit and understand the restrictions and regulations around an outdoor fire and get educated,” Adams said.


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