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Alex’s Friends Tree Dedication Saturday At West End Park

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Alex’s Friends Tree Dedication Saturday At West End Park

Alex’s Friends will be planting a tree at West End Park Saturday in memory of Demarcus Alex Hughes.

Hughes was shot and killed at West End Park on October 6. Alex’s Friends mission is to make sure Alex’s legacy is not defined by how he died. Alex’s Aunt Michelle Gooch said the organization will be planting a family donated oak tree in the park.

“An oak is the strongest tree and that’s the way we see Alex, and the tree was so meaningful to us, because we feel like losing Alex was like losing a large branch off of our family tree,” Gooch said.

Gooch said there is also plans to build a bench and butterfly garden under the tree. She said it will be a space to both mourn and remember Alex.

“The purpose of those things is for Alex’s mom Deanne to be able to go there and sit under her tree and her bench and watch her butterflies in her garden and remember her son,” Gooch said. “Because ever since this tragic thing happened, we keep being drawn back to West End Park. That’s where our family gathers and when we miss Alex that’s where were at.”

The city has also been helping Alex’s Friends figure out the logistics.

“The leisure department has stepped up and helped us decide where to place things and where things can be planted, and where we can dig and stuff like that. We’ve been active since this happened at the city council meetings, and so far everyone has been open to our ideas and been very supportive of us,” Gooch said.

The bench was donated by Impact. A stone was donated by Vaughn’s Monument. Alex’s Friends worked with West End Connections to help put the event together. Alex’s Friends is a mentor program for youth with no healthy adult support system.

“We have so many more events planned that aren’t public yet, so please keep checking in with us and watching what were doing because we’re not going to stop,” Gooch said.


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