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Gibson: Byrdstown Tourism Producing Economic Impact

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Gibson: Byrdstown Tourism Producing Economic Impact

Byrdstown tourism estimated to generate $100,000 in additional revenue by the end of the year, prompting the city to consider increasing its tourism budget.

Mayor Sam Gibson told Aldermen Monday night the city has helped financially support many tourism efforts so far this year. Gibson said that has produced encouraging results for the local economy. Gibson said that after fulfilling city obligations, an additional $40,000 to $50,000 should be left in fund balance.

“Anytime we do anything it’s going to generate more sales tax for Pickett County,” Gibson said. “And anytime we have more people coming in then we’re going to generate more sales tax for the city so it’s going to be a plus, plus for all of us.”

Gibson said Byrdstown-Pickett County is advertising for a part-time tourism position with the help of the state and Tennessee Tech. Gibson said an existing grant could pay some $19,000 of that cost. Gibson said he would like to see the position be a full-time spot.

“Expecting a lot of fishing tournaments, a lot of things like that, coming up next Spring,” Gibson said. “A lot of these are going to add money to tourism but yet tourists going to also give a little money to help offset some of the costs for these tournaments.”

In other business, Byrdstown is trying to get a new vehicle to plow snow this year after facing mechanical issues during the last snow season.

“We got a grant from Rural Development for $50,000 and part of that was to get a new truck for our snowplow,” Gibson said. “We have a snow plow and it’s on an older truck that’s not the most reliable so we were wanting to upgrade that a little bit, so we were going to get a new truck and put our old plow on it, and our salter.”

Gibson said despite the city’s efforts, it’s looking like the new vehicle won’t be in place until next year.


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