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Livingston Will Pick Up Items Left On The Curb During Clean-Up Week

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Livingston Will Pick Up Items Left On The Curb During Clean-Up Week

Livingston residents can use this week’s nice weather to clean out the garage, the back yard or the basement, and get items hauled away by the city.

Livingston Sanitation will pick up larger items like old furniture during Fall Clean-Up Week. Livingston Mayor Curtis Hayes said residents can leave those items by the curb. Hayes said now is the time for residents to get rid of larger items they have been putting off hauling to the dump.

“This is really a time to kind of clean out your garage, and any discarded items that you don’t have that could be considered an eyesore to your neighbor, time to get it out of your front yard, your back yard and take it to curbside and we’ll pick it up,” Hayes said.

There are some items you cannot leave on the curb like carpet, paint, chemicals and building materials. Hayes said those items must be brought to a recycling center.

“This is just a great opportunity for us to kind of clean up the community, and any items that are discarded just ask to take out to the curbside and try to get everything cleaned up for the holiday season,” Hayes said.

Hayes said the city tries to time the Fall Clean-Up before the holidays, because more trash than usual is generated during and after the holidays.

“The holidays just normally brings a little bit more garbage to any community due to the gifts that have happened, people packing food to each other’s home,” Hayes said. “It just generates a little more garbage than normal.”

Livingston has a Clean-Up Week twice a year. One is held in the spring and the other in the fall. Hayes said this year’s Fall Clean-Up Week happened later than normal due to issues with garbage trucks.

“We know that we’re going to have families that are going to be visiting loved ones,” Hayes said. “A good opportunity for them to kind of clean out some discarded items that are sitting around the house, particularly outside that can be moved to the curb to kind of help make Livingston look a little bit better.”

Fall Clean-Up week runs through the 21st.


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