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UCHRA Public Transportation Rate Structure Launches Tuesday

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
UCHRA Public Transportation Rate Structure Launches Tuesday

A new flat rate structure will go into effect for UCHRA Public Transportation Program Tuesday.

The $2 flat rate covers in-county travel. The program will also launch a new software program for drivers to make scheduling pickups easier. Transportation Director Holly Montooth said both changes will simplify UCHRA Public Transportation.

“The old rate was based upon location and day of the week of when you would like to schedule you’re ride and that rate fluctuated depending on the day and location,” Montooth said. “We decided to make the change in order to provide a more streamlined experience for the customer.”

Montooth said the new software will schedule a driver’s trip and put them on the most efficient route. She said this should reduce wait times for customers.

“Since we have a better schedule, then we’ll be able to pinpoint those pick up and deli delivery times,” Montooth said. “Now we’ll be able to give you a window of within thirty minutes of when we will be picking you up and dropping you off at those locations.”

Montooth said driver’s will also benefit.

“Basically what it’s going to do is give the driver’s a more structured schedule, so now they know their work times,” Montooth said. “They’ll know they’ll come in at say eight o’clock and their shift will end at four thirty. So it’s going to provide a better work-life balance.”

Montooth said drivers and staff have already familiarized themselves with the new software over the last week. She said like with all change, the software will take some getting used to.

“I would ask for a little grace, especially for the first couple weeks,” Montooth said. “Change is scary, it’s not only scary for the rider, but it’s very scary for us here at UCHRA Transportation. Our drivers are learning a whole new software, so are our dispatchers, but we’re going to be better for it at the end, just because of those reduced wait times, and the fact that we’re going to be able to offer a more seamless service.”

Half-price discounts are still available for veterans, those with disabilities and seniors over 60.


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