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Shane Walker Takes Over As Overton County’s New Ambulance Director

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Shane Walker Takes Over As Overton County’s New Ambulance Director

Shane Walker will bring some 20 years of experience to his new role as Overton County Ambulance Director.

Walker said he plans to hold this job for a long time. He said the biggest challenge he currently faces is hiring.

“You know, we’re losing people going to different counties,” Walker said. “Of course, it’s for better pay. We’ve lost several people over the last little bit, so staffing’s a big one.”

Walker said a job shadowing program is getting off the ground. He said he is also trying to work with County Executive Steven Barlow to reach out to TCAT and Vol State to offer EMT classes.

“If somebody is interested in it, but they’re kind of on the fence about whether they want to pursue this career or not, they can come by,” Walker said “We have to sit them down and talk to them and go over some papers and some legal stuff and have them sign some paper work. They can come and do ride-alongs with us just to see how the job goes. It’s a not hands on job shadowing program.”

Walker said he must also get ambulances in service for the county. He said there is unfortunately nothing he can do about the long wait times for receiving new ambulances.

“That’s an issue, because it’s just adding up miles on our units that are already older,” Walker said. “It’s just stacking up the miles on those. Just more maintenance cost trying to keep those trucks running, but that’s a statewide issue also. It’s not just here. Its everywhere.”

Walker said the county needs the new ambulances as soon as possible, because it is costing taxpayers money to keep the ambulances they do have running. He currently has three ambulances ordered but they will not be here until well into 2024.

“I hope to carry on the good service the community can depend on to be there,” Walker said. “Give them top notch treatment and well-educated employees. When people call us most of the time its one of the worst days they’re having. You know, a lot of times for them just to see you come in and them know you know what you’re doing taking care of their family members, it kind of eases them a bit. I just kind of hope to keep that feel around for the community that way they know they can depend on us.”


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