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Crossville’s Meadow Park Considering New Fish Addition

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Crossville’s Meadow Park Considering New Fish Addition

Crossville’s Meadow Park Lake is considering adding walleye as a new target species for anglers.

Through a partnership with TWRA, the lake is currently fielding local guest opinions as to whether the addition would be welcomed. Meadow Park Lake Manager Kyle Presson said the recreational fisherman on the lake he has talked to showed some interest.

“TWRA’s come out and done kind of water quality studies of the lake to make sure that they would, you know, survive,” Presson said. “And as far as condition of the lake and stuff everything seems to be good for putting them in, they just want to make sure they’re not gonna upset the public.”

Presson said qalleye are a larger fish species that put up a fight and may be familiar to those coming in from colder climates. Presson said the addition of the walleye may also help with a current overpopulation of their Perch fish species.

“They’re looking at, if all goes well, to start introducing walleye either late Spring or early Summer of next year, of 2024,” Presson said.

Presson said him and his staff are currently inexperienced in the species. Presson said he thinks the fish would be smaller in size.

“For practicality and cost reasons,” Presson said. “The next couple of following years I would assume that people could start catching sizable walleye.”


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