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Monterey Alderman Create Committee To Select Rail Trail Project Engineers

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Monterey Alderman Create Committee To Select Rail Trail Project Engineers

Monterey Alderman approved the formation of a new committee to evaluate the five plans submitted to engineer a rail trail extension project.

Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary said the five-year project will extend the town’s rail trail, add sidewalks, and address drainage at Monterey’s Whitaker Park. Cleary said the project will be funded by a grant from the T-DOT Transportation Alternatives Program.

“We put out requests for letters of interest and statements of qualification to engineering firms that would engineer this project,” Cleary said. “They would engineer it and also help us through the design phase and the construction inspection phase. It’s wide-ranging what these firms would do.”

Cleary said the committee will assess the packages and grade them. Cleary said policy states that the committee must be made up of town employees because Monterey does not have a Planning Department Director.

“The engineering firm that we select is going to be required to do the preliminary engineering, the actual design, the right of way, and the construction inspection for the project,” Cleary said.

Cleary said the committee will give the Alderman an unbiased score on the packets, allowing them to choose a firm with all the information necessary. Cleary will administrate the committee.

In other business, Monterey Alderman voted Monday night to move forward with plans to provide the water for the Calfkiller water project. Monterey Mayor Mark Farley said the chosen bid from Ironwood Construction of some $4.6 million was slightly under budget. Consulting Engineer Zeda Hillis said there are plans to cut additional cost reduction by changing lines on the White County side of the project from 6-inch to 4-inch lines.

“There’s permitting that has to be required through T-DOT, and the consulting engineer is working with T-DOT to secure that permitting for that project,” Hillis said. “Then, they will issue the notice to proceed. They’ve already done the bidding, so the contractor will get started once they have all the permits in hand.”

Monterey will purchase a new garbage truck. Alderman James Wolfgram said the purchase is overdue with the state of the current truck used by the city. The Alderman chose the middle bid of some $250,000 from Labrie Environmental. Wolfgram said they plan to pay $100,000 up front, and finance the remaining cost.


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