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Baxter Aldermen Hear From Citizens After Halting Speed Bump Plans

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Baxter Aldermen Hear From Citizens After Halting Speed Bump Plans

The Baxter Board of Aldermen heard from citizens of the Deer Crest Subdivision Thursday after the city halted earlier plans to put speed bumps on Celeste Street.

Residents worried about speeding asked the board for help at the November meeting. Mayor John Martin said the speed bumps were scrapped after MTAS discouraged their use in city limits. Baxter Attorney Shawn Fry said he believes the council acted too hastily in approving the speed bumps last month.

“So last month I was biting my tongue as the motion was made and voted on, because I’ve talked with the council before that when certain issues like this come up, the better method of doing things is to make a motion to address it next month, have some sort of discussions and meetings,” Fry said.

Several citizens express their frustration by the city’s decision to scrap the speed bumps. However, another citizen presented 30 signatures from those that live in the neighbor opposing speed bumps. The board decided to table the issue for now and return to it next month for further discussion.

“We can sit here all night long and discuss this and not accomplish anything, and we want to accomplish something,” Martin said. “If you bring all the people at Celeste and wherever that is impacted by this, and our other board member will be here at that time. I’d rather have a complete quorum with all the board here, and we’ll discuss this at the next meeting.”

Martin said the city had increased police presence in the subdivision. Lieutenant Brandon Herren said he did clock some cars going 28 miles per hour on Celeste. The speed limit on the road is 15 miles per hour.

“Let’s do more listening than talking,” Fry said. “Put it on next month’s agenda and let’s try to make a good rational decisions. Let’s not make any decisions tonight, we’re missing a board member that kind of made the motion past month.”

The suggestion was brought up again that they close the end of Celeste Street so it no longer connects Magnolia. However, law requires two entrances and exits be available for a subdivision of that size. The neighborhood was previously a cul de sac before expansion occurred in 2007.

Alderman Willie Allison was absent from the meeting. He had made the motion in November to add speed bumps to Deer Crest.


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