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Baxter School Bus Drivers Express Concern Over Two Streets To Aldermen

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Baxter School Bus Drivers Express Concern Over Two Streets To Aldermen

Improving bus safety could lead to changes on two Baxter roads following a discussion between Aldermen and School Officials.

Putnam County Schools Transportation Supervisor Ron Chaffin addressed the Baxter Board of Aldermen on Thursday, expressing concerns about First Avenue, as well as Third Street at Buffalo Valley Road.

“I’m really proud of the job that our drivers do and making sure that we are ensuring that we’re being as safe as we possibly can, because we transport about 5,000 students a day through our transportation department, and we want to do all we can to make sure they’re safe,” Chaffin said.

Chaffin said First Avenue was too narrow for two-way traffic and buses struggle turning onto the street when traffic is on coming. He said on Third Street there is a tree obstructing the view of bus drivers, creating a dangerous intersection.

The board agreed that both roads were safety concerns. Mayor John Martin asked Public Works Director John Ramsey to look into making First Avenue a one-way street. Zoning Compliance Officer Bob Lane said the tree on Third Avenue could be cut by the city even if it was on private property.

“The municipal code allows us to deal with any obstruction that obstructs traffic,” Lane said. “Even if it is on private property, we can ask them for that to be corrected. We may have to assist them, but we can ask them to correct that.”

The options for fixing the safety issue on First Avenue were either to widen the road or make it one way.

“The big problem with that area is getting the state involved,” Martin said. “If you do a lot of paving and cut it all up you are going to have to go through the state, and you know how long that takes. So, what John (Ramsey) has recommended is when you are coming into Baxter make that one way. Put signs on the 70-side, no enter.”

The board did not make any motions to correct the issues and instead instructed Ramsey to begin looking into correcting both safety hazards.

Chaffin had safety concerns with a ditch at Cornerstone as well, but it was found that it would be the responsibility of the school to correct that issue.


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