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Algood Police Partners With The State For Holiday Booze It And Lose It

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Algood Police Partners With The State For Holiday Booze It And Lose It

The Algood Police Department is partnering with the Tennessee Highway Patrol beginning this week for Booze It or Lose It.

Algood Police will have increased patrols during the holiday season focusing on speeding and DUIs. Algood Police Chief Dale Armour said he hoped announcing their participation would help deter drunk drivers in the city.

“We’re going to be looking for intoxicated drivers, and part of the thing is most people that are driving drunk, drive drunk one time a year, and they’re good people but the consequences of their actions can effect them for a lifetime,” Armour said.

Armour said the departments strategy will be to increase police presence in areas where people will be coming back into to town.

Armour said by joining the program all the overtime that will be accrued by adding the extra shifts will be paid for by grants from the state and federal government. He said this allows them to answer calls like normal while also having extra hands to focus on looking for impaired drivers.

“We’re still going to be answering our normal calls for service,” Armour said. “We’re still going to be responding to citizen’s issues. This puts more people on the road, and it doesn’t cost the city extra. We’re actually utilizing federal and state grant money to pay for these extra officers during this time.”

Armour said driving under the influence is not a huge issue for the city normally, but he expects there to be an uptick in arrests during the holidays.

“We arrest a couple, two, or three DUIs a months, so it’s not a major issue,” Armour said. “It is just something we are focusing on a little bit more, putting more emphasis on during the holidays.”

Armour said the potential consequences for a first DUI offense includes fines, jail time, mandatory drug and alcohol classes and court and legal fees.

“I think people are in good moods,” Armour said. “They’re partying. They’re visiting family and friends. They’re watching football games, and sometimes they may consume a little bit more than they normally would. I don’t think they’re trying to be a bad person. I think sometimes things just happen and it hits them, and it causes problems down the road.”


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