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T-DOT Says Celina Bypass Will Break Ground In 2026

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
T-DOT Says Celina Bypass Will Break Ground In 2026

A road project to create a bypass around Celina for semi-trucks will begin in 2026.

T-DOT Community Relations Officer Rae-Ann Bradley said the $12 million project is in its early design phase. The two-lane roadway will span 0.75 miles from Dow Avenue South to Highway 52. Bradley said three years may see like a long time from design to ground breaking, but she said this is typical in this type of project.

“All of our projects have a process that they have to go through,” Bradley said. “This is no different. It’s a typical project for us, and it has to go through the same requirements that any of our other projects do.”

Bradley said the bypass is designed to divert large truck traffic away from downtown Celina where there were issues with semis making narrow right turns and causing property damage. Bradley said the bypass will also provide a less congested route around downtown Celina.

Bradley said 27 different properties along the route will need to be acquired by state. She said another potential issue is the road way will cross a stream and wetland area.

There is no timeline on when the project will be completed.

“I think we’re still a little too early on in the process to make a determination that far out,” Bradley said. “Like I said, we are still in the design phase portion of this project, so it would be futile for me to provide any kind of estimate in terms of time after the anticipated construction start date just because there’s a lot of things that have to happen between now and then.”

The project will also see a bridge built over West Lake Avenue. Bradley said TDOT has spent the last year bringing a team together for the design phase.

“It’s going to be a multi-disciplinary approach and that’s to ensure that the plans advance from right-of-way to constructions as smoothly as possible,” Bradley said. “This team-based approach is going to allow us to better anticipate and mitigate any challenges as we finalize the design.”

Bradley said it is estimated that nearly 4,580 vehicles will use the bypass a day. The speed limit will be set at 50 miles per hour.

The issue was first noted by TDOT in 2019. In 2022, TDOT began having meetings with residents to discuss concerns they may have about the new roadway.


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