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Multiple Fiber Projects Ahead Of Schedule Across Putnam, UC

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Multiple Fiber Projects Ahead Of Schedule Across Putnam, UC

Work continues to lay new fiber optic cable in the Phifer Mountain area, Bangham and rural parts of Monterey and Algood.

Twin Lakes has finished up installation of new fiber cable in surrounding counties. CEO Jonathan West said Twin Lakes is utilizing a federal-funded grant awarded by the state to expand its reach in Putnam.

“Out ultimate goal is to make sure every single person in the region has access to fiber to the home,” West said. “Fiber is the fastest most technologically advanced connection you can get to the internet.”

West said at the start of this 1,736 households in Putnam did not have access to a 25 Mbps connection, equivalent to dial-up speed. The grant has a 36-month deadline, but West said they are well ahead of schedule.

“We’d always made a commitment that we were going to try and get that done in 30 months, and we are a little bit ahead of schedule on that as well,” West said.

Twin Lakes signed the grant to expand fiber in the county back in September of 2022.

“Just envision what the world was 25 years ago before the internet was as prevalent as it is today and how many things have moved on line,” West said. “Whether that’s General commerce or entertainment or education or healthcare, there’s so many facets of our life that are connected to other people. That’s how things work by connecting with those you need to communicate with. So, having robust and reliable fast fiber connectivity is what enables that.”

West said if you imagine the cable they are constructing as roads, it puts into perspective the scope of the project.

“Imagine many many years ago when there were no roads. We are building a couple hundred miles of road just to comply with the grant area. Of course, we expect that to be even more long term,” West said. “Outside of the grant scope, we expect to add 500 miles of additional construction.”

West said after the grant project is wrapped up, Twin Lakes will begin working on laying fiber cable in the Pippen Springs Estates area of the county. West said everyone benefits from this project whether they subscribe to Twin Lake’s internet or not.

“Every cellular tower in the region is connected via that fiber network that we are building,” West said. “So those fiber connections enable all connection not just desktop computers. Whether you’re processing a credit card machine at a gas station or watching something on television, streaming or otherwise, those fiber connectivity solutions is what brings all that to you.”


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