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Jackson Vice Principal And Teacher Court Date Set For March

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Jackson Vice Principal And Teacher Court Date Set For March

A Jackson County assistant principal and teacher have pled not guilty to charges related to the paddling of a student in October.

15th District Attorney General Jason Lawson launched the investigation after complaints came in to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and the Department of Children Services.

“After the grand jury issued the indictment their very next court date was only a few days after that and that is called an arraignment, and at the arraignment both entered the plea not guilty and had counsel there, attorneys there representing them,” Lawson said. “The court sets the first court date.”

The first court date in the case is set for March 4.

Teacher Jackson Patterson was charged with assault after paddling a student twice resulting in the student’s parents seeking medical treatment for the injuries. Assistant Principal Tena Lynn was present during the paddling, and she is charged with one count of criminal responsibility of assault.

“During the interim between the arraignment and the first court date the state of Tennessee provides a copy of its file to the defense attorneys, so they can review and have all the information to be prepared to defend the case as it moves forward,” Lawson said.

The TBI presented the case to the Jackson County Grand Jury in November. Lawson said after being presented the degree of the injury, photographs and other evidence, the grand jury decided on assault charges.

Jackson County School’s corporal punishment policy does not require the contact of parents before use unless the student has a disability.


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