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Sparta Gets A New Trash Truck Bringing Fleet To Three Trucks

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Sparta Gets A New Trash Truck Bringing Fleet To Three Trucks

Sparta has rolled out a new garbage truck, a third vehicle in the city’s fleet.

Public Works Director Dillard Quick said they were lucky to get a truck this quickly. The city began the process of looking for a new truck back in October after their two trucks broke down at the same time, and trash pick up was delayed.

“When you do order a truck, they tell you upfront that you’re 18 months to 36 months out depending on what your truck is equipped, but Sparta is very fortunate that they had two trucks on the lot, and when we called they immediately sold it to us,” Quick said.

Quick said the city’s other two trucks are running again and will be utilized as back ups. Dillard said trash trucks will typically run for eight to ten years before a new one is needed. The cost of the new truck: $319,000.

He said the city ran into issues with plans to rent a truck and had to change their game plan when the rental was damaged.

“The previous time we had issues like this, we rented a truck and what had happened is the truck we were going to rent this last time, it was one that they keep on hand, and it was damaged,” Quick said. “So, we weren’t able to get that truck, because whoever used it before didn’t tell them the truck was broken. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out for us, but the new truck they had on the lot did.”

Quick said the truck is smaller compared to other trucks, but it will get the job done.

“We’ve got a few things on the new truck,” Quick said. “Once you get a new car you always have something. We have a few snags on the truck as you do with any new vehicle, but it is easier. The driver is getting adjusted to the new truck because it’s a different brand all together. For the city of Sparta, having a new truck and having two back up trucks, that’s about the best thing we can do, and it’s all we can hope for to have good equipment to help service the community.”

He said one of the trucks owned by Sparta is a 2008 and the other is a 2018.


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