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Cookeville Leisure Services Fitness Cards On Sale Through January 2

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Cookeville Leisure Services Fitness Cards On Sale Through January 2

Cookeville Leisure Service fitness cards are on sale through the holiday season, encouraging the community to stay active this winter.

Leisure Services Special Programs Coordinator Jen Webb said a deal like this is “unheard of.” Webb said cards are buy one, get one 50% off. That gives users 22 fitness classes for just $45 with the purchase of two cards. Webb said she’s glad to be able to offer the gift of physical enrichment during an expensive Christmas season.

“People are purchasing for more people at this time of year,” Webb said. “By offering a discount, you’re making something more readily available and it is a gift that is more of a consumable and has a positive outcome. We look at it as a win-win for everybody.”

The deal will run through January 2. Webb said purchasing a card gives people the chance to choose from a wide variety of programs that will help them reach winter fitness goals. Classes are $3 without a card.

“There’s a whole other side to it, other than just the cardiovascular and strength training portions,” Webb said. “It’s good for your entire mental and physical health.”

Webb said aside from getting the exercise that the body needs, there is a social aspect of friendship and comradery when people buy two cards and attend sessions in pairs or groups. Webb said increased card sales during this deal pay the instructors and allow the fitness program to fund itself.

“We found that once we offered them as a special for gifts, that people would come in and use the Christmas money that they got and purchase the cards for themselves,” Webb said. “A lot of times, they’ll purchase them enough to last the entire year, so they’re making plans to stay healthy and active all year long.”

Classes are held at Cane Creek Recreational Center, with some classes including the option for participants to follow along online. The program offers step classes, yoga, cardio, and more.


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