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Corp Of Engineers Moving Forward On New Boat Access For Cane Hollow

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Corp Of Engineers Moving Forward On New Boat Access For Cane Hollow

The Corp Of Engineers in the midst of upgrades at White County’s Cane Hollow Recreation Area.

Center Hill Lake Resource Manager Kevin Salvilla said they are finishing up guard rails and a shelter. He said they have been working with the county for awhile to get the paved boat ramp approved.

“I’m glad to hear that that’s moved forward,” Salvilla said. “So, the next step will be to get a preliminary set of plans in place and to start looking at where specifically that ramp will go. How the lay out will look. The Corp will be glad to contribute some funding toward construction.”

Salvilla said Cane Hollow’s popularity has grown because of the access it provides to Burgess Falls. Salvilla said it has become a very popular area for kayaking and other recreation.

Construction on the new ramp could begin soon. Salvilla said the Corp will explore grant funds to see if it could be put toward the project.

“The Corps of Engineers has been working steadily improving access,” Salvilla said. “As you know, it’s become a very popular destination to access Burgess Falls or the base of Burgess Falls since the set of stairs was blown out in 2019 from the high water.”

Cane Hollow allows access to the base of Burgess Falls one way. If you go down the other you will eventually end up in the main channel of Center Hill Lake. Salvilla called it one of the prettiest access points to Center Hill.

“It’s become kind of one of those areas that I get to go to pretty frequently, because it’s just such a pretty area,” Salvilla said. “The public up there, the folks that live around it are such nice people, and they have been so gracious to help maintain and watch the area.”

Cane Hollow is a Corps of Engineer operated area. Salvilla said the Crops is in Cane Hollow two to three times a week working on various projects. He said the Corps of Engineers goal in Cane Hollow is to work with the county to increase public access to the area.


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