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Van Buren & Warren Teaming Up To Extradite Inmates From New York

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Van Buren & Warren Teaming Up To Extradite Inmates From New York

Law Enforcement Agencies in Van Buren and Warren Counties working together to extradite two inmates currently behind bars in New York.

Van Buren County Sheriff Michael Brock said both inmates have active warrants in Van Buren County. He said Warren County agreed to split the $2,000 extradition cost to secure the return of one of the inmates who also has a warrant in Warren County.

“They need to be present here to be able to go through the court proceedings,” Brock said. “Without them being here, they cannot be properly served and cannot have their day in court, and for us to try to achieve the best outcomes for our victims and for society.”

Brock said the only other extradition the county has done during his tenure was an inmate from Atlanta, which he did himself. This time, Brock said he has secured a reliable source with the means to travel a great distance and cross state borders with inmates.

Brock said he could not reveal the time or date of the extradition.

“They can waive the extradition and say that they are going to comply and be willing to be transported across state lines back here to us here in Tennessee, or they can contest that, I guess is a good way to say it, and then that prolongs the process and there’s documentation that is referred to as a governors warrant that has to be achieved,” Brock said.

Brock said having a relationship with a neighboring county that allows the departments to collaborate in a situation like this one is crucial. He said he is glad that the two counties can lock arms to do good for both communities.

“It’s very nice and I think it’s very needed,” Brock said. “There’s no reason for there not to be good communication for us to work diligently with our neighboring counties, earn their trust, and know that they can depend on us.”

Brock said the two individuals are currently incarcerated on charges of Custodial Interference, False Imprisonment, and Contributing to the Delinquency of an Unruly Minor. The $2,000 price tag on the extradition was a quote given to Brock from the source that plans to carry out the retrieval of the inmates.

“It’s very important to have these good working relationships and it does us good here in Van Buren County to know that we can assist or work with our neighboring counties,” Brock said.


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