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New Features Move Monterey Wastewater Treatment Plant Completion Date

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
New Features Move Monterey Wastewater Treatment Plant Completion Date

Monterey’s updated wastewater treatment plant will not be completed until May, but the extension will allow for new features.

Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary said supply chain delays have backed up projects across the county, and this one is no different. Cleary said the plant is one of the most important developments for Monterey in some 40 years.

“We’re really excited about it,” Cleary said. “I know wastewater is not typically a very fun topic and doesn’t have the flashing lights and bells and whistles, but for the town of Monterey, it’s a really big deal. We’re looking forward to the completion of it.”

Cleary said the town wants to utilize every bit of money available for the project. They decided to add a sledge pump for the facility as well as a driveway to allow larger trucks to transport greater quantities of chemicals in and out. The site grading for the driveway and the delivery process for the pump have lengthened the process, but will ultimately improve the final product, Cleary said.

“We had to get a permit for this facility before it ever started construction, I think back in 2018,” Cleary said. “So, those are only good for so many years, so we’re having to renew that permit for this facility and obviously waiting on that is going to push us back a little bit as well.”

Cleary said the delay is not cause for concern, but rather excitement. Cleary called the project a culmination of more than ten years of time and effort, so ensuring the creation of the best product possible is worth a few month’s wait.

“We’d rather it be done exactly right before we just say, “Hey let’s open this up,” and it’s not necessarily done and ready to be opened yet, so that’s what we’re trying to do here,” Cleary said.

Cleary said upon completion, the added volume provided by the facility will allow the city to serve the Exit 300 area of town and create new expansion opportunities all along Interstate 40. Cleary said consultant engineers from James C. Haley and Company have guided Monterey through the project and expect the facility in early May to be even better than originally planned.


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