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Livingston Mayor Honored By MTAS For Renewable Energy Work

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Livingston Mayor Honored By MTAS For Renewable Energy Work

Livingston Mayor Curtis Hayes honored for his work on Renewable Energy by the University of Tennessee’s MTAS leadership.

Hayes said he promotes clean energy throughout Livingston and recently worked with Flood Ready Tennessee to solve flooding issue in the city using renewable energy. He said he also works with the Tennessee Renewable Energy & Economic Development Council to promote renewable energy across the state. Hayes said he takes a realistic approach to green energy.

“I think that finding different sources of energy other than regular gasoline and diesel is important,” Hayes said. “I don’t think that gas and diesel will ever 100 percent go away, but you know, it’s time to maybe not be so dependent on them.”

He said his next goal for renewable energy in Livingston is to bring in more electric car charging stations. Currently, the two electrical charging station are at Central Park and were funded through a grant.

“More fueling stations around the city of Livingston is definitely what we’ll be looking at, and we’re looking for some grant opportunities to put those across the city rather than the two we have now,” Hayes said.

Hayes said it was an honor to receive the award. Hayes said he had heard he had won the award, but did not attend the meeting it was presented at.

“There was a meeting here in Cookeville here in Middle Tennessee,” Hayes said. “I was a little under the weather and wasn’t able to attend that. So, they brought it to our city council. I had already heard about it, but it was presented at our city council meeting.”

Hayes said he has helped do work in renewable energy beyond Livingston with the Tennessee Renewable Council.

“We’ve equipped some cities with lithium battery generators,” Hayes said. “We’re also working across the state with other folks on going green. Install electric car applicators to fill their vehicles. So, it’s just several things across the state of Tennessee.”


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