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Three Key Industries In Need Of More Workers Across The UC

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Three Key Industries In Need Of More Workers Across The UC

As a new year begins, three key industries are leading the demand for motivated and consistent employees throughout the Upper Cumberland.

Highlands Economic Partnership Vice President Adam Poe said seven industries make up over seventy five percent of the gross domestic product for Putnam, Jackson, Overton and White Counties. Poe said the number one industry he always sees looking for additional help is healthcare.

“It’s not just surgeons or anesthetics,” Poe said. “It is everything from the LPN level up. I mean like, the hospitals, the pediatrics, the dentists, every single person under the sun involved in some form of healthcare is understaffed.”

Poe said the other industries in need of more workers are entry-level manufacturing and construction. Poe said he is hopeful that the needs of the region will be met by the younger generation that is entering the workforce over the next eighteen months.

“Those needs across the four-county region are very high demand of students wanting to go into healthcare in all different facets,” Poe said. “Skilled trades is also a very desired role within juniors and seniors across the four counties. Advanced manufacturing and robotics, heavy with robotics tilt, and then sustainable energy construction.”

He said employers are looking for reliable people over highly-experienced people regardless of the industry.

“They need people that want to work,” Poe said. “That show up to work. That are reliable. That are coach-able. They want to learn. They become a student of the game. They actively listen. They show up on time. They don’t leave five minutes early. It’s really core principles of work ethic is what our employers need now more than ever.”

Poe said self-accountability is a key tool for people looking to succeed in the current workforce.

“There’s an element of emotional intelligence and self-awareness that’s required in order to grow as a person, grow as a leader, and grow as a contributor,” Poe said. “And one of these things is asking yourself every day, ‘Am I doing my best? Am I doing everything that I’m capable of?’ And if we’re honest with ourselves, you know, sometimes that answer’s going to be no, and that’s ok as long as we understand that the next time we’re going to ask ourselves that question the answer has to be yes.”


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