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Domestic Violence, Drug Charges, Theft Up In ’23 Across White County

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Domestic Violence, Drug Charges, Theft Up In ’23 Across White County

White County saw increases in domestic violence, drug charges, and theft in 2023.

Sheriff Steve Page said the department received some 22,000 calls for service last year. Reports of physical domestic violence were the number one reason for the calls.

“We had 178 domestics, calls for domestics in this county, which is just crazy,” Page said. “I mean, it’s just people not understanding the seriousness of walking out of the house and not fighting with your significant others.”

He said White County also recorded 365 drug charges in 2023, many of which dealt with methamphetamine. Page said the revolving door of drug trade makes it extremely difficult to chip away at the number of cases. He said the demand for narcotics goes hand-in-hand with theft cases.

“It comes in in various ways and people still make it, and they’re used to making an easy living off of it, so they sell it,” Page said. “People get hooked on it and they have to have it. What do you do? You don’t have the money to buy it, you go steal stuff from people and sell that to help you get the money to buy what you need to help you get your next high.”

Page said the second-highest reason for calls is not a crime, but it is still an issue. He said the department received some 570 accidental 9-1-1 calls. Page said people have been extremely irresponsible with cell phones, costing the police department valuable time.

“It’s something that we need everyone to pay attention to,” Page said. “It’s so bad. What if a real call is needed, real assistance is needed, and you’re being irresponsible with your phone that’s calling 9-1-1? That’s terrible because every 9-1-1 call we get, we answer.”

Page said the key to lowering these numbers is training for officers and education for the community. He said continued training has helped the department imprison some of the major White County drug dealers, but more work has to be done in 2024.

“People are paying more attention to their children, which is something I’ve been trying to educate everybody on.” Page said. “Talk to your children and understand what’s going on in their lives. Help prevent them from being around the people that are selling drugs and trying to get them hooked on drugs. That seems to be helping a lot because our school programs are really working hard to help with that.”


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