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To Make Your New Exercise Routine Stick, Start With A Custom Plan

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
To Make Your New Exercise Routine Stick, Start With A Custom Plan

Gyms across the region are flooded with new patrons, but how do you make sure your new workout routine sticks?

Luke McBroom is Personal Training Department Director at Cookeville’s Workout Anytime. He said there are several mistakes he sees new gym-goers make on their very first day.

“One of the biggest most common mistakes is just not having a game plan when they come in here, or trying to get their game plan off TikTok or YouTube and try to wing it from there and really just try to DIY this whole thing,” McBroom said.

McBroom said people do not understand that fitness is not one size fits all. He said a workout plan needs to be catered to the individual.

“One of the biggest pit falls is when you try and take someone else’s program or try to get their results,” McBroom said. “We can never be them and our bodies will never be exactly like theirs are, as opposed to getting something that’s more personalized and specialized to what our specific needs are.”

McBroom said another mistake is people try to do too much too fast.

“People try to just over do it all at one time,” McBroom said. “They come in here. They throw themselves at the wall, and they get burned out really quickly. That or they cardio themselves to death, or they cut all their food out because they think that’s how they lose weight. It’s really multifaceted.”

McBroom said pacing yourself to a challenging yet comfortable pace and what you eat are critical to making fitness stick.

“You can have the best car off the lot and if you don’t have the proper fuel in it, it won’t run right,” McBroom said.

McBroom said new gym goers should also keep in mind to do some stretches and warm ups before hitting the workout equipment hard. He also said to have plenty of water to prevent cramps and remain comfortable.


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