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Traffic Study Could Be Coming For Highway 70/136 Intersection In White

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Traffic Study Could Be Coming For Highway 70/136 Intersection In White

Growing concerns about traffic and accidents at the O.T. Jones Crossroads in White County could lead to a traffic study.

County Executive Denny Wayne Robinson said the intersection at Highway 70 and Highway 136 has been busy for years. He said with the county growing and businesses opening near the intersection, safety and traffic flow becomes a bigger concern.

“That’s the number one priority, is to keep people safe on that stretch of highway,” Robinson said. “Doesn’t matter who, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who has to pay for it, but it’s also my job to spend the taxpayers’ money wisely, so if I can get the problem fixed and get TDOT to pay for it, that’s a win-win.”

Robinson said he plans to meet with T-DOT to find out if they are willing to conduct a study, or if the county will have to conduct its own. He said if it is discovered that the county or a local business is causing the issue, it may fall on the county to pay for it. Otherwise, he hopes T-DOT will fund the study and at least partially pay for the solution.

“Especially when it’s time for the factories to go to work or to let out and when the school’s getting out, it’s a lot of traffic,” Robinson said. “There’s been several accidents there at that crossroads in particular, and we’re just seeing what we can do to make that a safer stretch of road.”

He said he has had people suggest a four-way stop at the intersection, but he is not sure he agrees that that will solve the issue. He said others have recommended adding traffic lights. Robinson said that while he is not a traffic expert, he believes adding turning lanes may be the most effective means of keeping a smooth flow of traffic and preventing wrecks.

“There’s not been much done to ease the traffic flow,” Robinson said. “There were some caution lights and stuff put up years ago, and as a matter of fact, I think over the years, a couple of accidents have pretty much took them down. Trying to, you know, make them safer, it ended up that wrecks have took them down.”

Robinson said he hopes to meet with T-DOT officials soon.


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