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Livingston Mayor Says Communication Key On South Church Upgrades

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Livingston Mayor Says Communication Key On South Church Upgrades

Livingston Mayor Curtis Hayes said he wants to ensure there is clear and open communication with the public regarding disruptions that will be caused by the South Church Street project.

Hayes said the project was scheduled to start soon, but with freezing temperatures, it has been pushed back until the first week of February and possibly later depending on the weather. He said right now his priority is opening up communication with local businesses and the public that could be impacted by the construction. This communication started with a public forum regarding the project last week.

“I think it’s important to have your business owners and property owners engaged with what’s going on in their front door,” Hayes said. “I think the overall picture certainly outweighs the progress and the construction that it’s going to take to get us there.”

The project will upgrade existing sidewalks, storm water drainage, lighting and utilities as well as adding sidewalks on both the east and west sides of the street. Hayes said the work will make it impossible not to disrupt some businesses, but overall the community is behind the project.

“You can’t take up sidewalks and pavement and lay electric lines and bury overhead utilities in the ground without there being some disruption,” Hayes said. “There’s going to be disruption we just want to try and make sure we keep it as minimal as possible.”

Hayes said he is working very hard to keep the project on schedule, but the freezing temperatures are going to be the biggest obstacle.

“I think this is certainly going to be a work in progress,” Hayes said. “Trying to keep everybody informed. Trying to keep the project on schedule, and then trying to work hard with mother nature. The first two are going to be very manageable, the last one is going to be very tough.”

Hayes said there is already an email chain with business and property owners to keep them updated on the construction schedule. The project is being funded by a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission.


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