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Weather Worsens Lack Of Blood Donations For Blood Assurance

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Weather Worsens Lack Of Blood Donations For Blood Assurance

Blood Assurance asking hospitals it serves across the region to delay elective surgeries due to very low blood supplies caused by the inclement weather.

Media Relations Coordinator Max Winitz said the blood center has less than a half-day supply of O-negative and O-positive blood, the two types used the most in transfusions.

“Right now we have a day or less of most blood types on our shelves,” Winitz said. “We feel comfortable when we have at least a five-day supply. So, as I mentioned, we generally need around four hundred plus donors a day. Right now, service area-wide, we are seeing right around one hundred.”

Winitz said January is historically one of the worst months for blood donations across the country and the storms are making it even harder to get the blood they need. He said they only had a one-day supply of most blood types even before the snow closed everything down.

Winitz said many of the blood centers and drives have reduced hours due to the weather but certain centers that are usually closed on weekends will be open on Saturday and Sunday to collect additional donations.

“The best way for folks to find out information on the center hours and also the hours of our mobile blood drives: log onto our website,” Winitz said. “You can schedule your appointment right there or you can just walk into our center there in Cookeville or to a mobile blood drive.”

Winitz said they need the public to rally together and donate as much blood as possible once the weather improves. He said people who are feeling sick should wait until they recover to donate.

“It’s an hour out of your day,” Winitz said. “It’s the easiest way in the world to make a difference in somebody’s life. It is an act of generosity that literally saves lives in Cookeville. A family member, a friend, a neighbor battling traumatic injuries, debilitating illnesses.”

Winitz said a single donation will save the lives of up to three people living in Cookeville.

“This is the community blood supply and Blood Assurance is just the steward of that blood supply. So it is up the community to go out to our donation center in Cookeville on Broad Street there, roll up a sleeve, donate, be a hero, make a difference in somebody’s life.”

Blood Assurance recommended to over seventy hospitals in the region to refrain from performing elective surgeries until at least Wednesday, January 24 to allow them to rebuild the inventory.


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