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Williams Plans To Revive Concealed Carry For School Personnel Bill

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Williams Plans To Revive Concealed Carry For School Personnel Bill

State Representative Ryan Williams said he plans to revive a bill during this legislative session that would allow school personnel to carry concealed firearms on school grounds.

Williams said he first started work on the bill several years ago. Williams said the bill has already passed three committees with a super majority.

“Those places where there technically considered gun-free zones are the most susceptible to these kinds of things and what this bill would do, it would allow a deterrent because there would be a sign out front that says someone here other than the SRO may be carrying a gun, and therefore the deterrent of itself is of great value,” Williams said.

Williams said he recognizes some constituents have reservations about the bill, but he said it is one of the most restrictive concealed carry bills he has seen.

“There’s always a group on any subject matter that’s against it,” Williams said. “I think most of the people that have an opportunity to sit down and talk about what the bill does, what the five very important restrictions that are completely different than anything we’ve ever done that was suggested by the Parkland Shooting Committee. They are all a part of the bill.”

Those restrictions include going through a background check, submitting fingerprints, undergoing a 40-hour training in gun use, submitting to a mental evaluation and being approved to conceal carry on school grounds by local law enforcement agencies.

Williams said the bill is much more stringent than the college-concealed-carry bill passed by the state in 2015.

“I suspect that I do have the votes,” Williams said. “It’s been a long time since I was able to go around and communicate with my colleges as to what they will do. I think it will pass the house. It will be up to Senator Bailey as my senate sponsor as to what the bill does there.”

After working with law enforcement agencies around the state to craft the bill, Williams said he believes this one is something they were all happy with.

“Law enforcement in the original bill was not in favor of it,” Williams said. “I sat down with law enforcement agencies all across that state, department of safety, Homeland Security, local sheriffs in different counties. The bill before us today is a byproduct of all that work, and they are supportive of the bill.”

Williams said he placed the bill on the clerk’s desk during the 2023 legislative session after the senate closed its committee early. To remove it from the desk so it can be heard on the house floor requires a motion. Williams said he intends to make that motion this legislative session.


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