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Pickett Director: Prepare To Come Back To School Wednesday

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Pickett Director: Prepare To Come Back To School Wednesday

A lot of snow melted across the Upper Cumberland Monday but many schools are still closed.

Pickett County Director of Schools Dianne Elder said schools are closed Tuesday to ensure conditions completely clear up before putting buses back on the road. She said she plans for Pickett schools to open back up on Wednesday after students being out of school due to snow since January 16. She said teachers may have to make some adjustments to catch back up on curriculum.

“There might be times that they might need to bump it up a little bit in order to cover everything they normally cover in a year, but maybe the snow is over and we won’t have to worry about that too much,” Elder said.

Pickett County Schools used seven of 13 snow days. She said there are no making up days missed.

“We actually don’t make it up,” Elder said. “We have minutes built into our schedule to allow us to have time like this. So, those minutes are already built in and taken care of for us.”

Elder said she thinks the students will have a harder time than teachers readjusting to routine.

“They’re probably used to sleeping late in the morning,” Elder said. “I ask them to get their children in bed a little bit earlier at night, so that way they’ll be more rested and ready to come to school and ready to learn the next day.”

Elder said she hopes the Upper Cumberland is done with the winter weather and there will be no more snow days.

“I don’t want to see any more winter weather,” Elder said. “I’m ready for all the snow to go away. Be prepared on Wednesday. I think we’ll be back in and ready to roll come Wednesday morning.”


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