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Cumberland’s CF Storehouse Saw Slight Rise In Shelter Needs

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Cumberland’s CF Storehouse Saw Slight Rise In Shelter Needs

Cumberland County’s CF Storehouse saw a slight increase last week in the number of residents seeking shelter from the cold and snow.

The CF Storehouse provides meals, clothing, food and assistance for the homeless and others in need in the Upper Cumberland. Community Outreach Director Tommy Ritter said the Storehouse is normally only open during the day. Last week, they opened their doors as a shelter through the cold nights.

“We’ve been doing it as a church for a while, but this issue being the cold weather, I pretty much just wanted to provide somewhere out of the weather for a couple days so that people didn’t have to worry about one more thing that they’ve already had piling up on them,” Ritter said.

Ritter said normally the Storehouse will see 60-70 people taking advantage of its services. Last week, he saw upwards of 80 people seeking shelter from freezing temperatures.

“It’s gained a little bit, but you know we’ve not seen a drastic numbers in people,” Ritter said.

The CF Storehouse is completely organized by volunteers. Supplies are collected through donations.

“They’re the only thing that could keep us going,” Ritter said. “If it wasn’t for volunteers we wouldn’t be able to have a ministry like this. If we all work together we can help.”

Ritter said the CF Storehouse is always looking for volunteers. He said they need everything from clothes and food to furniture and appliances. Ritter said you can reach out to volunteer or donate through the CF Life App or just come by the CF Storehouse.

“The biggest thing with volunteering is, you know as a Christian organization, your biggest testimony that you can have to a community is how much stuff you actually do outside of church,” Ritter said.

The CF Storehouse is open Monday through Thursday from 8am to 1:30pm. They serve breakfast and lunch daily for those in need. The CF Storehouse is associated with the Cumberland Fellowship Church.


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