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Gainesboro Fire Receives $100,000 Grant For New Suits

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Gainesboro Fire Receives $100,000 Grant For New Suits

Gainesboro Fire Department will use a new $100,000 grant to purchase eight sets of turnout gear and eight self-contained breathing packs.

Assistant Fire Chief Isaac Davis said the current turnout gear was purchased in 2011 and needs to be replaced. Davis said the new heat-proof suits will offer firefighters increased safety when dealing with structure fires.

“It’s very important,” Davis said. “Of course like anything else, as the years go on, things get better. They add features, add safety to the set of turnout gear versus what the older didn’t have at that point in time.”

Davis said a generic set of turnout gear typically costs some $3,000 and the air packs go for $10,000 apiece. He said the grant was one of 196 grants awarded by the Tennessee Fire Marshall’s Office.

“Some of our old is, especially the gear is worn out and dirty and nasty, and the newer gear has got cancer-blocking stuff, so it’ll be a great benefit to our department,” Davis said.

Davis said in addition to the new technology in the breathing apparatuses designed to prevent officers from inhaling toxic, cancerous fumes, the new fire suits have substantially improved safety technology. He said the gear comes complete with alarms and monitoring systems in case an officer goes down.

“The air packs are around $10,000 per person and of course, we carry all of the air packs on the trucks, so it’s very, I guess, needed,” Davis said.

Davis said he is excited to be able to get members of the department in some new equipment with less wear and tear.

The Dodson Branch and West End Fire Departments also received funding in this round of grants.


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