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Putnam Dual Enrollment Grant Deadline Thursday

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Putnam Dual Enrollment Grant Deadline Thursday

Applications for Putnam County Schools Dual Enrollment Grants for the spring semester are now due.

Future Ready Supervisor Sam Brooks said applications go through school counselors. He said all dual enrollment students who apply for the grant will receive it.

“The financial side, I guess probably in the beginning, is the number one reason students think that they want to get involved in it,” Brooks said. “For parents, I think the biggest reason is to give their student the opportunity to be a college student while they’re still at home with them and you still have a safety net and person at home that can help.”

He said those who do not get applications in by the firm Thursday deadline have two options. Those students can still pay their bills for the class, which will still be substantially cheaper than it would be as a college student. Or, the student can be removed from the program and returned to a high school class.

“It’s definitely not the end of the world if they don’t get it there,” Brooks said. “But they have every opportunity to make that happen, and some help along the way by their parents and the Future Ready Office here in Putnam County, and also their counselors at their schools. So we have a lot of folks there who are able and willing to help.”

Brooks said the application deadline acts as another item on the students’ long-term checklist. He said schools hold orientation meetings throughout the year to ensure that students understand their checklist and everything that is required of them throughout the year. He said schools and the Future Ready Office also send out reminders via phone, email, and social media to help families stay on top of it.

“It becomes just an application situation and making sure that you take your time on the application when you fill it out,” Brooks said. “And that that award goes to the right school and that you fully complete. Once you do, you get signification from the grantors that you have met that need.”


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