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Elder: Fresh Coat Of Paint In Pickett School Facilities Needed

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Elder: Fresh Coat Of Paint In Pickett School Facilities Needed

Pickett County Schools and the Central Office are getting a long-awaited facelift thanks to a local painter.

Director of Schools Diane Elder said they hired Dixie Cafe Owner Bobby Davidson to take on major painting projects in all of the county schools. She said Pickett K-8 school has needed a new paint job for years.

“Pickett County is the best place to live as far as I’m concerned,” Elder said. “We all try to work together. The guy is retired that is doing the painting for us and he just wanted some part-time work, and he is very good at what he does.”

Elder said some of the buildings getting extensive painting done had not been touched up since they were built decades ago. She said the willingness of the community to step up and help county entities overcome challenges is one of the great gifts of being part of the Pickett County family.

“I hope we have that reputation,” Elder said. “It feels good to have people that we know that are trying to work with us. Like I said, Pickett County to me, it’s my home and we all try to work together and the majority of people support the school system and they want to do what they can do to help us out.”

Elder said Davidson is currently working on the K-8 school, usually getting the bulk of the painting done at night when students are not around. She said the central office underwent a major painting overhaul several years ago, but Davidson will move there next to do some touch-ups to door frames and corners.

“It was needed,” Elder said. “I’ll put it like that. It was due for a touchup. A facelift.”

Elder said teachers have done a great job working in cooperation with Davidson to ensure that children do not get wet paint on their skin and clothes, and also keep from incidentally besmirching portions of the paint job that may still be drying. She said the students care about the state of their schools and have governed themselves well throughout the process.

“The students, you know, they have respect for the building, so they’re trying to help out too,” Elder said.


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