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Livingston Leasing Land For Additional Parking At City Park

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Livingston Leasing Land For Additional Parking At City Park

Livingston will lease land for additional parking at City Park to account for growth in the park’s usage.

Livingston Mayor Curtis Hayes said the leagues that use the park have grown in popularity, and the current parking lot cannot support that growth. The land owner will rent the piece of land for $50 per month.

“We actually have the stands, but the parking has been an issue for last year and the year before,” Hayes said. “We are operating maybe one or two more leagues, but I guess we’ve just got more folks coming.”

The land is located on Chestnut Street. Hayes said the city used to use this property for this very purpose, but the former owner has since passed. He said the agreement will last from March 31 through the end of the year and continue on a month-to-month basis from there.

“Since then, that property is going to be developed,” Hayes said. “But hopefully, they’re not thinking in possibly the next 12 months.”

Hayes said the city would mow the grass and collect the garbage throughout the agreement that ends December 31. He said when the lease ends, he plans to have the property the way they found it when the current owners take back control.

Parks and Recreation Director Michael Hayes said over 650 kids played in leagues at the complex last year and quickly became overrun. He said parking was a nightmare all year. Hayes said the owners are in agreement and City Attorney Andre Greppin will draw up the official lease agreement.

Alderman approved the rental Monday night.


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