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Byrdstown Considering Pump Station Upgrades

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Byrdstown Considering Pump Station Upgrades

Byrdstown Aldermen discussed upgrades for a local pump station Monday night to prepare for the construction of a new RV park and housing options.

Mayor Sam Gibson said both projects will rely on the same sewer line, which feeds into a pump station near the city’s Dairy Queen. He said the station will need to be expanded and upgraded before it can support the increase in use.

“They hoped that it was a three-phase and it’s a two-forty,” Gibson said. “So it’s not, wasn’t a three phase. So that’s got to be worked on, along with a couple extra pumps in there to get that, to get it up so it’s usable for them.”

Gibson said the new housing will provide a series of new condos and townhouses overlooking Dale Hollow Lake and the nearby island therein.

“There’s a website,” Gibson said. “People can get online and read on it and look on it because there’s going to be, you know, they’re going to, I guess they’re probably going to try to pre-sell them.”

Gibson said the new housing is being built across the road from the overlook while the large RV park will be on the side of the river opposite to the overlook. He said the projects are being handled by separate developers, but both are making steady progress.

“You notice out there, they are doing the work,” Gibson said. “Both sides of the road, activities going on, you know, you’ve got the house being torn down, you know, we’ve talked about where they’re going to get their water from, and Craig Haney was here with the pumps, pumping people.”

In other business, aldermen agreed to list over a thousand concrete lids and other water meter supplies as surplus and put them up for sale after they were removed during the city’s recent water meter project. The city accepted a $750 bid from Anderson Lawn Care to mow the city’s properties throughout 2024.


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