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Sparta Has Most Of Bockman Way Lit With New LED

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Sparta Has Most Of Bockman Way Lit With New LED

The Sparta Electric Department is nearing the completion of a project to install brighter LED streetlights on Bockman Way.

Electric Utility Manager Belva Bess said the project came from necessity as manufacturers are no longer producing the old incandescent lights. She said the project started at the eastern city limits and has reached the intersection of Bockman Way and Moore Street. She said the new lights create a safer environment for drivers and downtown businesses.

“It is actually to light the streets to make traffic safer,” Bess said. “And we have gotten several comments that it has done that. They enjoy it, especially the people that are maybe working night shifts or are in town early in the mornings. They do like the better lights. It is a brighter light. It does seem to help the roads stay brighter.”

Bess said rather than expanding beyond Bockman and replacing lights on residential streets, the department plans to replace old incandescent bulbs as they go bad. She said for awhile, there will be a mix of new and old bulbs, but she hopes to have the entire city of Sparta safer and better-lit soon.

“Whether it’s the high-pressure sodium, the mercury vapor lights that we currently have in place, then the whole new head has to go out, not just a bulb,” Bess said. “The LEDs come in, everything is in one fixture. The bulb and everything will be put in. Now, if the bulb just goes out in your security lights or streetlights, we can still replace the bulbs.”

She said the new lights not only make the street safer, they will save the city and its residents on energy costs. She said the lights use less energy and require less regular maintenance and upkeep. She said they cost more upfront, but she hopes to make up for that cost and more in the long run.

“Of course right now, a lot of people are going strictly LEDs,” Bess said. “So, we don’t really know on the maintenance. The warranty looks good on them, but we’re just going to see how long they’ll last without a repair.”


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