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3 Overton Schools Receive Money From Former Director

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
3 Overton Schools Receive Money From Former Director

A former Overton County Superintendent remembered three Overton County Schools in his will.

Lisa Coil presented the three Overton County schools with $800 checks on behalf of her father, Edwin Garrett. Coil said the her father’s will states that the only stipulation for the money is that it be spent directly for the students. The money will be distributed to Allons Elementary School, Wilson Elementary School, and Hilham Elementary School.

“He didn’t love one any more than the other,” Coil said. “You know, when he got sent to Wilson, for a little bit, he thought that was a death sentence because he was driving 80 miles a day from Timothy. But he ended up making such friends at Wilson and making such friendships that he cherished that school.”

Coil said her father was a superintendent for eight years and passed away in December of 2023. She said he made lasting relationships with his teachers and school board members, even speaking with several of them the day he passed.

“If you knew Daddy very well, you knew how much he loved Overton County and especially the kids and had relationships with them always,” Coil said. “So, it meant a lot to him for this to happen.”

She thanked the Director of Schools Donnie Holman and the board for the work they do.


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