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Two CRMC Wings Awarded For Preventing Infections

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Two CRMC Wings Awarded For Preventing Infections

Cookeville Regional Medical Center introduced a brand new award Tuesday night, honoring staff who limit hospital-acquired infections.

CEO Buffy Key said common infections caused in U.S. hospitals include urinary tract infections from improper catheter use. She said a 1999 study reported that hospitals unintentionally cause some 100,000 infections in their patients every year.

“Our team does a great job doing that,” Key said “So the fact that we’ve got these units that have zero infections means that we didn’t give anybody anything they didn’t come in here with. We get them better and we get them back on the road. A lot of times, if people are really sick and you get another infection while you’re in here, it just makes your convalescence even longer.”

Key said nationwide, these infections are often caused by simply failing to follow basic procedures. Cookeville Regional’s “Heroes for Zeros” award presented to the hospital’s 6 East and ICU wings for causing zero infections in the past year.

Key said the dedication to infection prevention shown by staff in these two wings is huge for the hospital.

Safety Manager Starlena Cope said the award is brand new and started on-site.

“It’s very incredible guys,” Cope said. “For that to be a full year with zero hospital-acquired infections, ICU and the 6 East staff deserve recognition on that.”

Cookeville Mayor and CRMC Board Member Laurin Wheaton called the accomplishment “massive.”

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