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Lawson Launches Website To Update Residents

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Lawson Launches Website To Update Residents

District Attorney Jason Lawson has launched a new website designed to educate residents about court cases and the progress being made.

Lawson said cases often garner a lot of attention when the crime happens and during the first court appearances. Then, as the case winds through the system, residents can often lose sight of what is happening.

“Especially when you have a judicial circuit, the judge, just like the old circuit writing preacher, he’s going for part of the month in this county and then the rest of the month in the next county,” Lawson said. “And by the time he circles through five counties, the court dates can be months apart. And so it’s very easy for cases to take some time between the times that the judge is getting there. And during the interim, of course, the lawyers are doing everything they need to do, any sort of a witnesses or experts or any sort of funds or services that need to be provided as part of that case.”

Lawson said he simply wants people to understand the happenings in the court system. He said it’s also important they see resolution to the cases. You can simply search Tennessee DA online and find the counties he serves, including Jackson, Macon and Smith.

“When people see that, they have the very same human reaction that I have is they see that and they say, you know, somebody needs to do something about that,” Lawson said. “We cannot let that be part of our society. And when they see that, you know, and then these cases take time, ultimately, people don’t know what the end resolution of those cases are. And so, you know, as a public servant, I want people to see what we’re doing with the cases and the choices we’re making, the sentences that these defendants are getting. So that way they can know that justice is being served in our community.”


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