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White County Inspector: Safety, Communication Key

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
White County Inspector: Safety, Communication Key

White County Building Inspector Brett Nash said he goes by the book when enforcing building standards and tries his best to communicate with residents.

Nash addressed the Commission’s Steering Committee B Monday night after complaints last month from multiple residents. Nash said his number one priority in his work is life and safety. He said he sends a detailed list after every inspection so contractors know why they failed and is open to discuss these reports with anyone who asks.

“And it was also referenced that I’m making up my own code,” Nash said. “I’m not making up my own code. I’m going by the 2018 ICC IRC, which you guys adopted back in September of 2022. I go by those standards. I’ve always been that way. My main goal is I’m here for the taxpayer of White County.”

When asked by Chairman Dakota White how they can support him, Nash said the best way to help is to inform him when someone has a complaint about him so it can be properly addressed. Nash also said he needs a full time inspector to work with him.

“That would eliminate a lot of the problems there,” Nash said. “You know, maybe it, I’ve got a hundred emails I haven’t answered because I just haven’t had time. I haven’t been in the office. I’m never in the office. I’m just, I’m having to drive so much for inspections.”

Citizen Emory Thompson spoke to the committee and said that one of his building permits nearly doubled in price from $750 to $1,483 when he changed from the state’s permits to the county’s. Nash said he would look into the county’s online payment processing system to see if there is an issue there.

Several citizens said they approve of Nash, calling him thorough, communicative, and professional.

“Everything that he spoke of, I do in Putnam County,” Putnam County Codes Director Stephen Parker said. “I don’t have any complaints. People know it’s got to be done and they do it. After the first meeting, I had a gentleman call me and tell me he didn’t have problems with the way Brett done his inspections. He said he was a great inspector. It was just that he didn’t have time to show him, ok? And that goes back to what Brett said, he doesn’t have the time because he’s traveling.”

Multiple citizens claimed Nash is arbitrarily changing codes and does not explain his decisions when he fails an inspection.


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