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First Phase Of Planning Nearing End At Dale Hollow

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
First Phase Of Planning Nearing End At Dale Hollow

The first phase of planning nearing completion on upgrades to Dale Hollow Lake access, through the Bill Dance Signature Lakes program.

Pickett County Executive Stephen Bilbrey said engineers and architects spent a good amount of time in March studying the access point near Sunset Marina. Bilbrey said the next step in the coming weeks, bringing together local leaders to make changes to the draft plan.

“We’re hoping to get about on that side, you know, 230 to 250 parking spots for boats and where a truck and a trailer can park,” Bilbrey said. “We’ll have six lane ramp that we’ll be able to unload, hopefully around six boats at a time, have a little amphitheater down there where they can set up a staging area. And just hopefully, you’ll get some bigger fishing tournaments that come to Dale Hollow Lake, which is economic development, which will put money in our community, and hopefully the Upper Cumberland.”

Bilbrey said currently fishing tournaments use a two-lane ramp, which can backup quickly with bigger tournaments, sometimes with traffic all the way back to Highway 111.

“Hopefully when we do these improvements, that’ll keep traffic flowing well, the boaters can get in, get unloaded and get parked in a quicker time manner,” Bilbrey said. “Of course, you’ll be able to unload more at one time. And it is in the Coors master plan to do a lot of these improvements. They just hadn’t, you know, had the funds or you don’t been able to do it. So hopefully, we can help speed that up and get these plans done.”

Several community meetings will take place to give the public the chance to sound off on the upgrades. Bilbrey said he’s hopeful the site could be ready for construction by the end of this year. He said the Army Corp of Engineers and TWRA take their responsibilities to protecting the lake seriously, as they vet any project carefully.

“I grew up here,” Bilbrey said. “I love the lake. I mean, you know, my, our city water comes from Dale Hollow. And, you know, and I don’t want to do anything that’s going to negatively affect, you know, the lake in any way. And so, yeah, we want to keep it clean and pristine.”

Pickett County received grant money to conduct the study. The Bill Dance designation was announced in 2021, an initiative to improve and enhance lakes, increase visitation and honor Dance’s legacy.


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