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Former Capshaw Principal Writes Children’s Book On Baseball

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Former Capshaw Principal Writes Children’s Book On Baseball

Former Capshaw Elementary Principal Leslie Roberts has published a children’s book titled “A Kid’s Look at Big League Baseball.”

Roberts said she wrote the book because she noticed a steady decline in baseball’s popularity among children and wanted to show kids why the game is so special. Roberts said the book takes the reader through the experience of going to a major league game and contains pictures of various stadiums, with maps and fun facts for each one.

“I’ve always enjoyed baseball, and so when I sort of semi-retied here I thought, ‘I’m going to write a book about Major League Baseball for kids,’” Roberts said. “Just a wild hair, and never intending to make any money off of it or anything, just wanted to write it.”

Roberts said the book has had a very positive reception from the local community. She said the book is intended for children from second to sixth grade.

“Children below about six or seven can’t really understand the action on the field and when you talk about innings and outs and balls and strikes and it gets a little complicated. So you have to have some, some general knowledge of baseball,” Roberts said.

She said the title of the book was originally “A Kid’s Look at Major League Baseball,” but she was not legally permitted to use the term “Major League Baseball.”

“I spent the first six months working on the book working with the legal department at Major League Baseball making sure I had all the permissions that I have for all the pictures and all the mentions of teams,” Roberts said.

Roberts said she met ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian while she was writing the book and sent him a copy after it was finished.

“He wrote back to me that he really enjoyed the book,” Roberts said. “He called it very, very good, warm, and personal. So I felt good about that.”

Roberts said the book is available for purchase on Amazon and Dorrance Publishing’s website. Roberts said this is the first book she has written.

“I had a lot of my previous students who came back with their children and bought books for their children,” Roberts said.


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