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State Officials Brag On Overton Transfer Station

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
State Officials Brag On Overton Transfer Station

Overton County’s Transfer Station got some love from state officials at a statewide conference, showed off as an example of a well-kept, clean facility.

Officials showed photos of the station and its cleanliness. County Recycling and Solid Waster Director Gary Smith said the credit goes to a motivated team focused on doing the best job possible for the community.

“We all work extra hard to keep it clean, keep all the trash picked up and everything caught up and not let nothing pile up and just keep it clean and keep people on it, you know, not let it go, you know, just keep people working on it,” Smith said.

Smith said it’s a nice feeling to hear state officials see the work going into that effort. Smith said said team members come in early each day to make sure the center is clean and ready for the public.

“And people that stay over late sometimes to make sure it’s clean,” Smith said. “We don’t leave until it’s cleaned up every day, make sure it’s cleaned and everything is caught up. Cause if you don’t, it’s coming right back in the next morning on top of the other, you know?”

Smith said the centers are inspected monthly by state officials.


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