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Park View Alums Can Take One Last Look Friday

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Park View Alums Can Take One Last Look Friday

Park View School’s spring carnival will be even more special Friday night, as the school celebrates its history, inviting alumni back for one last look at the facility.

“It’s a very cherished memory for many people in this community. And so we wanted to make it a special night and offer it up one last look for everybody to be able to come through and see it.”

That’s Principal Dr. Mel Presley. She said so many alums of the school had expressed the desire to see the old classrooms one more time, before the school closes and renovations begin for a proposed Pre-K Center.

“I feel like, as principal, I owe it to the community, really,” Presley said. “I think that part of my role is a public servant. And, you know, I have people that are in my family, I have people that are my friends. I have teachers here that have worked here forever. And I felt like that is a very important part of their memories in their lifetime.”

The event takes place from 5pm-7pm Friday.

“Before we start, you know, removing all the things that make it look like a school, we wanted it to still look lived in, you know?” Presley said. “Sure, this summer, once we’ve all packed up all our stuff, we could have had someone could have done a walk through, but I wanted it to still look like a vibrant, happening school, like people remembered it to be.”


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